K-Radio interview with Linda Strasburg

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Linda Strasburg from K-Talk Radio. During the first part of the program Linda interviewed Tobin Blake, the author of ‘The Healing of Jordan Young’. His book is a wonderful and inspiring story of a healing journey; from an aggressive form of lymphoma to health.

My interview starts at 25 min and 45 seconds

K-talk Radio Interview

Be inspired!

Mary Sue's radio interview with Ned Hoke on Ksvy Health Matters

Listen to a new interview that Mary Sue had with Ned Hoke (OMD L.Ac./Natural Methods Healthcare) on Ksvy 91.3 Health Matters.

It gives you a deeper understanding of Mary Sue’s way to become happy. In case you like to skip the commercials start the program at 6:22. Become wise and listen to the ‘ginie within’ at Ksvy


WomensRadio interview with Pat Lynch

Success starts in your Mind

Listen to the interview with Pat Lynch from WomensRadio


Elv8 article

Rejoice! We Are Alive And Should Have Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is the only one that says “Thank You” in a universal way without erecting barriers based on religion, nationality, color or creed. Thanksgiving is “pure.” We can heal our hearts, our heads, our relationships and our planet by dwelling heartfelt in a vision of thankfulness. Read the full article on Elv8.


Bloomer Boomer article

Always possible to realize dreams

No matter what our age or station in life, we all have our dreams. All you have to do to improve your life is sit in your armchair and “think” differently. Read the full article on bloomer.


Interview with Mary Sue Wallace:

Achieving success with positive thinking

How to achieve ultimate success by combining the power of the mind with the power of positive thinking. Discussion guide for the interview:

2. How to understand positive energy and transform negative thoughts.

3. Why searching for your genuine truth is an important part of manifesting a reality that is true for you and makes you happy.

4. How to embark on your personal hero’s journey to discover a deeper, more profound meaning in life.

5. Use of meditation, visualization, and affirmation can help cultivate the mind.

Podcast with Mary Sue Wallace


Rewire me article

Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

The stressful flux of the daily grind (think: deadlines, to-do lists, commutes) makes it easy to forget how lucky we are to have the precious gift of life. Practicing the law of attraction can bring to light all that the universe offers us, and being thankful for every ebb and flow of life, from its joy to its challenges, will open the heart, teaching us how to live in the moment. To better understand how to manifest gratitude, try the following expert tips. Read the full article on Rewire me.

your truth is your own, following it is your spiritual journey
K-Talk Radio, Linda Strasburg, The healing of Jordan Young, Tobin Blake
Rewire me Cultivate an atttude of graditude

Without fear of failure or disappointment, we are free to expand. We can bring our deep inner yearnings to the fore. We can find the seed of our self-expression that is buried within us and develop this seed through nurturing its growth. Becoming Wise - page 61