Mary Sue Wallace is an independent, freelance writer.  She is the author of several books including Becoming Wise, A New Hope for Humanity, Ushering in the Age of Genius, and Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness.

Mary Sue is Founder and CEO of Great Visions Foundation, a global, educational, 501(C3) Corporation dedicated to the enhancement of human life through programs and projects that educate and encourage people to fulfill their visions for a more meaningful and happier life.  Our objective is to inspire and advance the noblest aims of humankind.

A student of metaphysics, the study of consciousness and the mind, Mary Sue’s focus is on understanding the creative nature of consciousness.  The ideas she presents have developed through her studies of spiritual philosophy, psychology, human behavior and metaphysics.  Mary Sue is a polished public speaker and gives an animated, inspirational presentation on creativity, self-esteem and wish fulfillment.

I write this book because my dream is to contribute to the blossoming of human potential and the opening of the human heart, creating a world that we will love and where we will feel empowered. In presenting this metaphysical core, a law that generates and regulates everything in the world, I hope to open up all your senses, charging your vitality, giving you a gush of life, and sending you in a new direction. Becoming Wise -  page 7