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Perceptions & Quantum Leaps: Using Your Intelligence Wisely

Every human being is in pursuit of fulfilling his or her desires.  This process begins at the moment of birth, and it lasts to the moment of death.  It is part of our nature to chase after our dreams.         

To find our inner truth we ask ourselves deep questions

The instrument we use to accomplish this pursuit is our intelligence.  Intelligence is a complex word that encompasses a wide range of information, images, emotions, memories, and experiences that have been accumulating for millennia. Through our intelligence, we have access to all of this information.

We live our lives as an integral part of this intelligent system, but we can only use it to our advantage when we understand the role it plays in our lives. The super-conscious mind speaks of our ideals, while the conscious mind provides our marching orders. The subconscious mind is the search and fulfillment engine, and finally, the all-conscious mind is comprised of the known and unknown in our universe. 

We each have a mind, and we operate our own control panel.  We choose what we want to focus our attention on, and these choices make up the life we lead.  Through our choices, we are directing the subconscious mind to help us find what we are looking for.  This is the critical insight. The subconscious mind is following directions that are being fed to it by the focus of your conscious mind.  It is registering your dreams, your wishes, and desires, and working to bring these things to you.  

Whatever you focus your attention on is what you will begin to draw towards you.   If truly want to use your intelligence to your advantage, all you have to do is provide clear and focused instructions to your subconscious.  Identify what you want, and then ask for it.  Program your subconscious mind to guide you toward the things that will make you happy.  Stay open, be expectant, and stay focused on the goal. Your mind is your best friend, and it is constantly searching for ways to bring you satisfaction.

Now we come up against a hindrance.  Much of the time our focus is scattered, and our subconscious mind is receiving conflicting messages.  “I want a new car, but I can’t have one.”  What is your searching intellect to do with that message?   If you tell yourself you can’t have it, you obstruct the flow and your mind is no longer looking for ways to make it happen. 

You only get what you want by focusing on the dream.  You dream it up by believing in it.  Don’t choose to think thoughts such as “I can’t,” “It will never happen,” or “It isn’t possible.”  Work to get rid of those limiting beliefs. Recognize that they are conflicting ideas weakening your momentum, and return to the story as you want it.    Don’t let conflicting thoughts of doubt get in the way of creating the beautiful life you desire. 

We find out about our limiting beliefs when we recognize them in our thoughts and conversations.  We hear ourselves saying these negating things, and we see them for what they are.  They are the destroyers of the dream.   Using a process of listening and recognizing these thoughts, we can take them out of the program.  Those messages negate your possibilities.  They interfere with your program.  This recognition allows us to see the conflicting messages and train our mind away from failure messages. Now, the subconscious mind is working fully on your behalf without hindrance, and you move along much more quickly and smoothly.

This is not a linear/rational process; it is magical/mysterious one.  You are magnetizing your dream and drawing it toward you. Don’t get in the way by thinking you have to make it happen.  You don’t. If you dream it up, you will be guided.  Identify, envision and ALLOW. This is the process. 

You have a choice.  You can go either way.  Choose, “I can,” and stay focused on the dream. Or, you can choose, “I can’t,” and just continue down your same path.   If you choose ‘I can,’ enjoy the ride.  Your intelligent mind will be working tirelessly to bring you the satisfaction you seek.