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The Hero's Journey - Living a true and meaningful life

The Hero’s Journey is the awakening to the life of the soul, starting down a pathway toward personal truth.  Often it starts in a wasteland.  Your life is not working.  You feel frustrated, unhappy, and deeply disappointed with your life, and you long for a connection, a purpose and meaning. There must be more to life than this.  You are awakening to your dreams and possibilities.

You are called to the adventure of seeking your deeper truth. You begin to ask yourself, what do I love?  What do I want to do with my life?  What do I want to contribute?  You begin to look and learn and develop in the direction of a truer self.

You come up against hostel forces.  You have ancient and entrenched limiting beliefs that serve as obstacles to your path.  People don’t want you to change.  They may reject this new emerging self.  You have to take risks and fight the demons of fear going against what you had established as the norm.  It may require painful changes, undoing complicated patterns, unraveling intricate relationships, but your commitment to search for your inner truth carries you on.

As you travel inward becoming aware of your deeper intentions and purpose, you find a guiding force that allows you to face the challenges of your quest.  This guiding force is the sacred potency of being led and guided in your search for happiness.  It gives you the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources not only to survive but to thrive. 

The inward journey allows us the privilege of sorting through all aspects of our lives looking for what is meaningful?  Getting quiet, going deep, you ask yourself, what do I want to keep in my life and what do I want to be rid of?  What are my right livelihood, my right relationships, my right home, my talents and interests?  What do I want to pursue and develop?

And as we begin to align with our genuine truth our vital energies start to flow again. We become more impassioned and alive.  We begin practices that bring health and harmony into our bodies and minds, uplifting our spirits through visualization, affirmations, physical exercise, healthy eating and living, reading spiritually uplifting books and taking classes.

We learn a potent universal truth, “Ask and you shall receive.”  And this principle sets us free.  All worry and concern drop away once this law is understood and incorporated.  You can become who you want to become and make your dreams come true, you just have to ask for them and keep focused on the possibility of the dream becoming your reality.  “Ask and you shall receive,” creates a total shift in consciousness from being adrift in the roiling seas of media hype and emotional instability to an intent concentration on the asking.  What do I want?  With belief in the asking, financial needs are met, healings occur, information sought appears, and understanding grows.  We become more and more secure and powerful.

A Hero is a person of enormous goodwill who wants to contribute to the good of the world.  They encourage us with their high hopes and expectations, “Reach for a Star!”  Grow and expand, learn and experience, become alive and impassioned.  Their constant support and encouragement is a balm and protection.  They make a difference in the world.  While at the same time, they are exploring deeply to get in touch with their soul, their inner truth, and their guiding light.

A hero is reverent toward all life and all things.  Love flows from their heart.  Caring for others is their sacred code.  They are the hope of the downtrodden and dreary.  Shining brightly, they make the world a better place for everyone.

And upon that base of living truth, asking and receiving, listening for guidance, we build a life that is purposeful, meaningful and very fulfilling.  And now we call to the masses that there is a path, a spiritual journey, a truth that liberates, a connection that heals, a river that flows, an abundance, a joy, a song and a dance.  And the all-engaging work becomes helping others to realize their own spiritual journey.  There is noting to clutch to, be greedy about, conserve, for the abundance is there for one and all.  It’s all universal and infinite, and within this knowledge and understanding, we expand becoming more loving, more giving, more sharing and a source of healing, a healer.